Peak UpTime offers the DIR Contract purchasing vehicle to our government accounts in Texas.

DIR-TSO-2712 Contract, State of Texas:

DIR-2712 Products & Services

  • Enterasys Switching, Enterasys/Extreme Routing, Enterasys/Extreme Wireless, Enterasys/Extreme Security, Enterasys/Extreme Management, Enterasys/Extreme Cables

    • Ruckus Wireless Hardware, including Replica Rolex Controllers and APs

    • Enterasys SupportNet Hardware

    • Ruckus Factory Provided Service Contract

    • Enterasys Technical Services

    • Peak UpTime provided Technical Services for Ruckus Wireless

    • Extreme Price List

    • Ruckus Price List


DIR-2712 Contract Pricing:


Visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts program for an overview of the contract.

DIR Website Link:



Sales Contact Information:

Peak UpTime Main Line: 918.585.8488