Partner With Proven Technologists

As technologists, Peak UpTime goes beyond what is typically expected from solution providers. We’re constantly sharpening our knowledge of emerging IT infrastructure technologies so we can provide actionable insight. We maintain deep and meaningful relationships with our manufacturing partners so we can bring you technology solutions that fully meet your needs.

Our added value shines brightest in the IMPLEMENTATION and MANAGEMENT phases of our project process, where we turn every worker into a confident user of the new technology and make ourselves available on an ongoing basis to do everything from fully managed services to sporadic consulting.


Our People Make the Difference

Everyone works but not everyone really serves. At Peak UpTime, we do. Meet the members of our team and get to know technologists who address your IT needs with insight, integrity and passion.

Gordon Martin

Gordon Martin


Gordon keeps his finger on the touchpoint of emerging technology and works tirelessly to strengthen relationships with manufacturing partners so that Peak UpTime can deliver more responsive, effective solutions.

Matt Auld

Matt Auld

Regional V.P.

Prior to joining the leadership team at Peak UpTime, Matt operated his own technology company for over 25 years. He brings his expertise in Cloud and Managed Services to Peak UpTime while overseeing regional efforts in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and Florida.

Kelly Sutton

Kelly Sutton

Vice President of Service Delivery

With over 25 years of diversified experience in technology from Engineer to President, Kelly strives to ensure that our clients are delighted with their partnership with Peak.

Jennifer McCuistian

Jennifer McCuistian

Director, Purchasing & Administration

Jennifer McCuistian is the Director of Purchasing and Administration. She leads efforts in the area, ensuring the customer service we provide is responsive, efficient and satisfying.

We Elevate the Conversation

You might come to us asking for a solution to a technology problem. We take the opportunity to a higher level by delivering a service-based relationship and personalized technology applications that empower you to realize your full potential. Our culture and proven methodology help us achieve consistently satisfying results for clients in education, government, private business, gas and oil and a variety of other industries. See how our VIP Philosophy and proven ADIM Methodology set Peak UpTime apart.


Value. Integrity. Passion.

We’re passionate technologists committed to continually honing our craft, providing rare insight and common-sense solutions to our clients, and adding value to the communities we serve. We believe in the power of smart technology solutions to improve efficiency, expand opportunity and strengthen relationships between everyone they touch.

It’s not just what we do but how we do it that makes a difference. From fast, secure Internet access to communication systems that keep students safe, we value our clients, act with integrity and are passionate about delivering technology that elevates communities.

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