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It all begins with an understanding that clients do not invest in technology for the sake of technology. Technology investments are driven by business and organizational challenges and the applications, tools, and systems are simply a means to an end. By focusing on this simple premise, Peak UpTime provides real solutions to business challenges. Explore our solutions and discover a partner committed to you.

Cloud Managed Services

Leverage the Cloud with Peak UpTime



Technology consultants today spend a lot of time telling you to get into the cloud. Peak UpTime knows cloud computing is about more than simple participation. We design strategies and customized platforms that put you in control of your cloud computing. Our expertise in cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps us design solutions that harness the power of the cloud for your business.

With dedicated virtualization management and a technology-agnostic cloud platform, we tailor a cloud strategy that provides exactly what you need now and the flexibility to adapt as your needs evolve.




Leverage Peak Elevate enterprise-class infrastructure to deliver only the resources you need, allowing you to rapidly scale in the event of a disaster. Choose one of seven data centers throughout the U.S. to ensure protection for everyone in your organization.




Whether backup, NetApp replication, or a myriad of other options, data protection in the cloud is highly efficient and low cost.





- Disk to Disk to Cloud
- Hot and Cold Bare Metal backups
- Windows, Linux, Novell, Solaris, SCO, Mac*, AIX*
- Dissimilar restore - Windows Server 2003-2012, Windows XP, 7
- P2P (IBM to Dell, Dell to HP), P2V, V2P, V2V (Xen to VM, VM to HV), Windows Virtual Failover


Boot thousands of virtual desktops almost instantly with Peak Elevate high performance storage-- Citrix XenApp, XenDsktop, VM Horizons or Microsoft Terminal Services.




Peak Elevate can provide a low-cost environment for non-production workloads while retaining the same performance and scalability.




Peak Elevate Cloud is customizable to support any type of project: single location or hybrid multi-site cloud services. Be as picky as you want: each Peak Elevate core bundle you deploy can be customized with additional compute, storage and IOPs. Customize your cloud solutions for public, private or hybrid environments.

Remote - End-User Desktop Support:


  • Microsoft Supported Windows Operating Systems & Applications
  • Adobe Reader
  • Printers
  • Basic End-User Network Troubleshooting
  • Windows Basic Security Updates and Patches
  • Configuration, Set-up and Deployment
  • Support for Citrix Reporting

Remote Server Infrastructure Support:


  • Microsoft Supported Windows Operating Systems
  • Moves, Adds, and Changes to Active Directory or Exchange
  • File Share Management
  • Citrix Server
  • Security Updates and Patches
  • Monitoring
  • CPU, Memory, Exchange Services, Key Windows Services and Connectivity
  • Reporting

Network- WAN, LAN, WLAN


  • Firewall Management
  • VPN Tunnel Management
  • Switch Port Management
  • Uptime Monitoring of Network Equipment


Whether your needs are slight or robust, the highly-specialized and trained engineers at Peak UpTime can assume ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring of all cloud and IT infrastructure, managing and/or problem resolution for any IT systems and around the clock assurance that your most value network is always up and operational.

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Unified Communications

Business Communications Meets Strategy

At its core, every organization needs a communications system that connects all team members and serves clients near and far. The days are past where that system is just a telephone.

Today’s businesses are built on complex networks of voice, data, messaging, video, and desktop sharing applications. As a Strategic Solution Provider, we leverage our experienced engineering team to take a structured approach to designing and implementing the ideal Unified Communications system.

UC ensures Peak customers can communicate how they want, when they want, and from wherever they are, simply and easily.


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  • Unified Communications Platform…
  • Procured 2 ways; as a Product or as a Service…
  • Delivered 3 ways; On Site, in the Cloud, or a Hybrid.

Communicate better. Find a communication option that best fits your needs.


Onsite is all about maintaining control of your system. Great technology shouldn’t mystify; it should simplify your life by making communication easier and more convenient. Our charter is to design flexible onsite communications systems that adapt to your operating model.  The most advanced technical solution is useless unless it is universally adopted by team members and is a pleasure to use.


Benefits of an Onsite Model:

  • All key components at your location and physically secure
  • Modular, eco-friendly, and affordable growth design
  • System is adjacent to in-house engineering and support services
  • Capital investment or leasing with associated tax benefits
  • Proven system availability and a complement to in-place contingency planning

Tired of maintaining your phone and communications system onsite? Peak UpTime will take the responsibility of configuring and managing your phone system off your plate and put it into the cloud, where you can enjoy a modern phone system with better ROI and more responsive customer service functionality.

Benefits of a Hosted Cloud Communication Model:

  • Hosted solution in top tier data centers keep all communications up and operational at all times
  • IT staff are freed to focus on achieving strategic business goals instead of operating and maintaining hardware
  • Circuit costs/UC System provided in a bundled service offering
  • Seamless mobile worker integration
  • Capital-free system acquisition and growth
  • Geo-diversity and one touch desktop direct service model
  • Scale up and down as business needs dictate

Perhaps the ideal option for your business is a combination of onsite and cloud. Combine the cloud and inside deployment into a hybrid UC solution engineered for flexibility and functionality. Enjoy all the benefits of an onsite system at a headquarters or other select locations and deploy a cloud system for satellite locations where onsite communications equipment isn’t desirable.

Benefits of a Hybrid Unified Communications Model:

  • Host hard to reach remote sites in the cloud while maintaining one, unified system
  • Add/delete locations easily with instant organization-wide awareness
  • Free up IT staff from making costly remote site support visits
  • Full feature transparency with onsite and cloud systems
  • Single code base and directory integration company wide
  • Choose preference on a site by site basis; cloud or onsiteshortel

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Security & Networking

networking-and-securityElevate your IT & Security Conversation

In today’s enterprise infrastructure environments, the majority of networks are conglomerations of manual systems each attributing to operational complexity and security concerns.

These challenges are prompting a growing number of businesses to seek balanced solutions that solve network complexity. At the same time, IT is expected to provide open network access while layering in security platforms to protect against data loss and security breaches.

Peak’s experienced design consultants and partner eco-system bring together the knowledge and expertise to addresses the most common:

  • Applications of the wired network,
  • Mobility management architecture for wireless deployments,
  • Implementation of security safeguards to protect the client along with the end-user.

C-level executives, network engineers, developers, and operators of network infrastructures can benefit from Peak’s VIP culture, portfolio depth, and technical expertise of Peak’s security-network practice.


Simplified infrastructure that is scalable and resilient to keep up with the demands of users and cloud applications. Combined with an experienced team of IT professionals who design infrastructure platforms which provide our clients with the visibility into network operations, secure user/device on-boarding, and lower costs associated with complex enterprise networks.

Benefits of Simplified Infrastructure:

    • Network Visibility
    • Secure Onboarding of End-Point Devices
    • Flexibility to meet future needs
    • Proactive capabilities to ensure a healthy infrastructure
    • Layer 7 Analytics
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Comprehensive enterprise security provides visibility into the network and the ability to defend against threats in real time with the help of Peak's experienced technical team members.

Benefits of Enterprise Security

    • Meet or Exceed Regulatory Requirements
    • Protection for Corporate and User Data
    • Zero-Day Threat Prevention
    • Common Platform from Edge to Enterprise
    • Scalability for Increase Broadband Needs
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Software-defined networking (SDN) solutions are aimed at making the network as agile and flexible as the virtualized server and storage infrastructure of the hyper-converged data center. Peak’s SDN integration partners give network engineers and administrators the ability to quickly respond to changing business requirements

Benefits of Simplified Defined Networking:

    • Infrastructure Automation
    • Centralized Management
    • Network Virtualization
    • Quickly Manage Increased Workloads
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